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Just jotting down some information that may be of use for our Dreden Game.

Character Creation

Here’s a quick overview of the steps you’ll go through in order to create a character.

GM Preparation: Š

Power level: Up to Your Waist (7 refresh, 25 skill points, skill cap at Great)

Creating Characters:

Creating Characters is a collaborative experience where the majority of the first session is coming up with our backgrounds and story. We’ll play out key sequences of your past and help each other come up with aspects both for the characters ant the city.

Sketching the Basic Concept

  1. Character Idea: Š Pick a template from Types & Templates (page 72)
  2. High concept: Pick a single phrase that sums up the character to form your aspect. (page 54)
  3. Trouble: Š Come up with a recurring complication or issue that makes life particularly interesting and has some story potential (page 55)

Background & Connections

Go through the first three phases (page 59), picking one aspect for each phase. Š Work with the other players by participating in their past adventures and having them participate in yours to round out the final two phases (page 61). You’ll pick an aspect for each phase here, too.

  1. Where Did You Come From?
    1. Gain Aspect
  2. What Shaped You?
    1. Gain Aspect
  3. What Was Your First Adventure?
    1. Two Word Story Title
    2. Gain Aspect
    3. Pick one player as Guest Star.
  4. Whose Path Have You Crossed?
    1. Gain Aspect
    2. Two Word Story Title
  5. Whose Elses Path Have You Crossed?
    1. Two Word Story Title
    2. Gain Aspect

Finish up your Character: Š

  1. Assign your skills (page 65). Š
  2. Select stunts and supernatural powers (page 66). Š
  3. Determine your final refresh level and your stress and consequences (page 68)

Main Page

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